Let's Roll! Moving Loose Tires From One Place to the Next

Tires and wheels roll. That is what they are meant to do. Yet, what happens when you have a lot of tires and wheels and you do not want them to roll, but you have to move them from one location to another? Here are a few helpful options to securely move tires and wheels without losing them down the street or out the door.

Tire Racks

Of all the material handling supplies you could ever really use, tire racks are the best. You can make them stationary and free-standing, or buy the ones with casters so you can load racks onto a truck and send the tires out. Better still, you can run lengths of chain through the centers of the tires and wheels and secure them to the racks with the chains and a few padlocks. The only things that roll then are the racks on casters!

Forklift Barrel Attachment

Forklifts have a special attachment for hauling barrels. However, these attachments can haul just about anything round, including tires and wheels. Stack the tires/wheels on their sides in/on the forklift attachment, and the forklift can haul them from one end of a warehouse to another or load them on a waiting truck. 

Drum Dollies and Wheel Dollies

Wheel dollies are obviously more ideal for the movement of tires and wheels. They are, essentially, miniature wheel racks on casters, carrying a few tires or wheels at a time. The drum dollies are round dolly frames on casters. They work in a pinch because you can stack a couple tires or wheels on the drum dolly and push it around. However, the drum dolly has no means to secure whatever tires or wheels you place on it, so you cannot stack them very high.


Tuggers are warehouse vehicles, often with a small cargo bed. If you can drive a forklift, you can drive at tugger. If you buy and use a tugger for wheel and tire hauling, you could probably get small batches of tires and wheels around a warehouse or use the tugger to help load the truck to distribute these specific car parts to dealers and auto shops.

Looking for Something Specific?

If none of the above products work for you, and you are looking for something really specific, ask a material handling supply representative. Chances are, what you need is not that unusual and the representative can find it. If not, talk to a manufacturer to see if something custom can be made just for you.