What's Hot In Wheels And Tires For 2017

Whether it's a high-performance sports car, a rumbling muscle car or a 4-wheel drive pickup one thing most men have in common is they love their rides. Just like real babies these men's babies "need new shoes" too.  Given changes in technology and style there are always new ideas and fads on various markets and it is the same for the tire and wheel market.

Every year it seems that there are a handful of ideas, designs and "everybody has to have it" products that take the market by storm. 2017 is no different as there are some common themes keeping car enthusiasts excited. Trending topics for year are,

  • Guayule Rubber - although there are many natural sources of rubber there are only 2 that provide the grade of rubber necessary for tires.  These sources are the guayale (why-you-lee) and hevea plants.  Even though guayale rubber has been available for hundreds of years it has not been sufficiently domesticated to produce adequate supplies for commercial tire production.  New advances in this area have made use of this superior rubber in treads, sidewalls and bead filters of new tires much more of a reality.  The commercial advantage is that hevea plants can not be grown in the United States and as a result 100% of rubber in tires had to be imported.  Guayule plants, however are being domesticated and established in plantations within the southwest US. Now use of this product is beneficial for the US economy.
  • Colored Wheels - whether it is permanent color, screw-on inserts or paint and peel options, more and more car owners are adding color to their wheels.  In addition to black,white and various grays there are now may options for vibrant candy-colored choices. The advantage of using the screw-on inserts or spray-on/peel-off options is that consumers can now change the color of their wheels as often as they change their oil. The craze is even spreading beyond wheels to add color to trim, bumpers and logos.
  • Online Shopping - as with many other products, shopping for tires on the internet is becoming more and more prominent.  Thanks to online apps such as iConfigurator, consumers are able to virtually see an image of a specific vehicle with a specific tire and wheel package.  This takes the guess work out of whether they will truly look good together.  Of course the natural result is then to go ahead and order those specific packages while already online.    

 Just like everything else, trends in tires and wheels come and go but to be in-line with the times for 2017 a buyer can't go wrong going online to buy some colored wheels and guayule tires for their baby.