4 Of The Most Common Types Of Tires And Their Use

Your vehicle is an essential part of your daily routine, so if you are like most people you keep a close eye on its performance. Unfortunately, one of the most important things that are often overlooked is the tires.  When visiting a tire shop, you will notice that different types of tires exist for various types of weather and performance needs, so finding the ideal tire for your vehicle is an essential requirement for its overall performance. Here are a few of the different types of tires and their use.

All Season Tires

This type of tire is commonly used in areas of the country that have both hot and cold seasons. All season tires are made to perform adequately in various elements, such as snow or extreme heat. Although they are not considered high-performance for either summer or winter use, they are a standard "all-purpose" and relatively inexpensive tire that will last for several thousand miles.

Mud Tires

Mud tires have extremely large, chunky tread patterns that help to clear out any mud that may get trapped in the tires. The extra grooves and the tread pattern are designed for safe driving on mud trails or on mud covered roads and to help prevent sinking into the mud. . They are usually wider than other types of tires, which helps to ensure the weight of the tire will be equally distributed over a wider area.

Snow Tires

These types of tires are specifically designed so drivers can easily and safely drive on snow and slippery roads. Snow tires have extra traction and more grooves that are arranged in a tread pattern that allow the tire to have a strong grip on slick surfaces. Some snow tires have metal studs (a specialty tire typically used for ice racing and other sports), which is an additional way to increase the traction in extremely wet and icy conditions.

High Performance Tires

High performance tires are a type of tire that is typically designed specifically for use on racing cars and other sport types of vehicle. High performance tires are made with a softer rubber compound than "standard" tires, which provides more traction control, allowing the vehicle to travel extremely fast without sliding. This type of tire has a fairly short lifespan.

Although the technician at the tire shop where you go buy and/or have tires installed will be able to recommend the type of tire that will provide the best performance for your vehicle, it is helpful to know your options and the type of tire you are interested in. A technician at the tire shop will be able to assist you in knowing which size tire is best suited for your vehicle.