Get A Grip: Tips To Help Maintain Traction On Snow Covered Roads

Did you learn a hard lesson last winter about just how treacherous the roads can be? Do you have a 2-wheel-drive vehicle that doesn't really like to move on the snow and ice? Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you improve the traction for the winter so that you can get around more safely.


Spend the money on some good winter-tread tires. Some vehicles do better than others in the snow and won't need winter-treads, but if you know that your vehicle doesn't like to gain traction when roads are coated, you know that you'll need the extra help.

If the winter treads aren't enough to get you going, consider having studs put in the tires. Check with your local laws to find out if there are any restrictions prohibiting you from driving with studded tires. Some areas have laws in place that set the dates in which the studded tires can be used on the roads and a date in which they must be removed from the vehicle. Companies like Radial Tire Service are beneficial for getting the tires that you need.

Added Weight

If your vehicle is rear-wheel drive, adding weight to the rear-end of it will help to increase traction. Unfortunately, that added weight will also make it more difficult to slow down and stop.

Toss a few sandbags in the back of the vehicle and remove them when road conditions are back to normal. Driving around with all of that weight will reduce your gas mileage.

Prepare for Slides

There's really nothing more that you can do to improve traction for everyday driving. Of course, there's the option of putting chains on your tires, but it's doubtful that you are that desperate to get anywhere when the roads are that treacherous.

So, you must prepare for slides. You can take a driver's course to learn how to handle a vehicle on snow and ice safely, but if you don't want to attend an entire class, you can search for online tutorials that show you exactly what to do in the event of a slide.

Basically, if the vehicle begins to slide, let off of the brakes and turn the steering wheel in the direction in which you'd like to go. In most cases, you will eventually gain control, but if road conditions are too bad, even counter steering techniques will not help.

Start shopping for your winter-treads today. You don't want to be stuck at home or in a ditch because you waited for the first foot of snow to fall.